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 The Baker & The Businessman

Tiyana Works: The Baker ("Tea") has always had a passion for food – dessert in particular. Struggling to combine her love of food with her focus on leading a healthy lifestyle, Tiyana soon discovered a passion for baking outside-the-box (pun intended). After convincing her boyfriend to try one of her recipes, she realized that this passion could actually become a more significant endeavor. For the better part of 15 years she's been baking for friends, family, and loved ones – why stop now?! 

Jamaal Brown: The Businessman ("Jam") fancies himself a healthful guy, but he's not against eating a slice of pizza from time to time. So when his girlfriend tried to convince him that the grain-free baked goods she was making were delicious, Jamaal was naturally skeptical. However, after tasting them, he realized she was on to something. With some encouragement, he convinced Tiyana to start a business that could appeal to people looking to improve their lifestyles without sacrificing quality or taste. People just like them.

The rest, as they say, is history.

 We are Tea & Jam, an exercise in health conscious dessert. A destination for people like us:

  1. ingredient-conscious: relative to strict dieters or fad followers
  2. foodies: particular interest in and appreciation for good food and drink
  3. creatively inspired: appreciation for "out-of-the-box" thinkers
  4. aesthetically sensitive: appreciation for beauty
  5. thoughtfully simple: appreciation for simplicity in design and food 
  6. eco-conscious: cares about environment
  7. explorers: seeks out new experiences

     We invite you with a hungry mind and an open stomach to play along!

    Tiyana Works and Jamaal Brown  (TEA & JAM)




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